Roman Reigns Steroid Accusations Continue

“Jon Bravo” has released another YouTube video wherein accused steroid dealer, Richard Rodriguez, speaks of supplying steroids to actor Josh Duhamel and Roman Reigns.  In the video, we see what looks to be drug orders and text messages purported to be from both Duhamel and Reigns.   Rodriguez also talk a bit about how it’s possible to take steroids and evade WWE’s Wellness tests.  The Roman Reigns part of this video picks up at 6:45.


Botch Take:  Parsing truth from fiction is difficult here.  Rodriguez reasoning makes complete sense and we already know there are gaping holes in WWE’s Wellness policy.  Having said that, this series is produced to really ratchet up the drama.  It’s brilliantly filmed and produced (dig the loading of the reel to reel player at the beginning – a tech that hasn’t been used for police recording in decades).  It’s hard to know the veracity of any of these claims.  The orders we see in this video can be faked quite simply.  Ditto on the iPhone IMs.  This is also leading  to the release of this film and this could be nothing more than a promo for it.  Hard to know, honestly.  That said, we decided to show this to you simply so that you’d know it was out there, thus allowing you to form your own opinion.