Behind The Royal Curtain: Finn Is Over!

Backstage…Monday 7 pm…

Sir Mitch: Latest Dot Com Poll…

Sir Mitch: The Question was who do you want to face Lesner at Mania!

Queen KB: VKM, because maybe then they will both leave. Yes, I’m in a mood.

Sir Mitch: LOL

Sir Mitch: VKM will hopefully step away once the XFL stars.
But when that flops again….he’ll be back😪

Queen KB: I’m sure. I just hope things are so much better when he’s busy that the kids will push to stay in control.

Sir Mitch: Meanwhile, outside of the girls…I’m not looking forward to the next two years of WWE programming! Thankfully I have NJPW LOL!

Queen KB: Big time.

Sir Mitch: Ratings and ticket sales will continue to go down in the meantime!

Queen KB: Unless the kids push, which they need to if they are going to have a company to inherit.

Sir Mitch: No matter how much VKM has diversified WWE’s revenue stream…once tickets and ratings are in a slump profits will eventually go down. TV companies and advertisers won’t pay for shows with dwindling ratings and half-empty arenas! I predict 2018 to be a bad year for tickets and ratings for WWE!

Queen KB: Agreed, but helped by the change from single brand PPVs.

Sir Mitch: I don’t think that will make much of a dent actually

Queen KB: I think it will help a bit, but not much.

Sir Mitch: Big Four shows don’t sell out because they are co-branded…they sell because they are the Big Four! B-PPV’s will continue to bleed cash for the company.

Queen KB: I know they do, but they have been worse since they became single brand.

Sir Mitch: True, but I think it’s more WWE programming being not that great in general more than the brand split!

Queen KB: Oh, much of the programming can’t hold the fans, even the hardcore ones. We see that in the DD.

And then we went off in other directions.

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