And If You Can’t See That, Then I Just Don’t Have Time for Ya!

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One here to bring you another look into ‘The Illustrious Future” that is “NXT”.  “NXT” is and has been for a long time the perfect balance of storyline and athleticism.  They give you enough storyline to make you care about what’s about to happen in the ring.  We got even more of that this week.  Let’s look in, shall we?


Velveteen Dream vs. No Way Jose

Dude just plain and simple has “it” – buckets of it.  No one in WWE has more charisma and, other than Cedric, no one can work better either.  Words fail me with regard to how completely ridiculous his theme song is.  I can’t stand it.  It’s so completely wrong.  “D-R-E-A-M”.  Really?  Is that the best you can come up with, CFO$???  In the words of our Queen, “UGH!”  Really funny is that Velveteen Dream, though heel, is far more “over” than No Way Jose is.  He may be working as a “face” whether he means to be or not.  Jose did time as a heel (when he was Manny Garcia) in CWF so maybe that’d be the right move?  He can really go and just like Velveteen Dream, he’s full of charisma.

This was a very good match.  No Way Jose was far more forceful than he was the last time we saw him.  He’s not as much fun so perhaps he’s tweaked his ring approach.  I’m all for that.  Velveteen Dream looked slick and amazing as ever.  There was no way (sorry, Jose) he’d lose here.


In-ring segment – Velveteen Dream

Turns out when he puts his hand up, everyone’s mouth goes shut.  Miz could learn a thing or two.  He continues to get better on the mic and this was a little better than the last time.  He’s so young too.  He remind me of Randy Orton without the recklessness.


Backstage segment – William Regal

He announced the tournament no one cares about:  Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.  The winner faces the champs at TakeOver:  New Orleans so they’re trying to add some meaning to it.  Why is it that both events named after iconic workers are so completely meaningless?  Both Andre and Dusty deserve so much better.


Vanessa Borne vs. Nikki Cross

I love Nikki dearly.  She’s completely unhinged.  Her sub-Ultimate Warrior entrance but about kill her!  As for Borne, she came off pretty well here.  When Nikki was coming back, Borne sold her fear beautifully.  This was what we used to call a “jobber to the stars” match.  Borne got in some offense but there was no question who’d win.


Andrade Cien Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) vs. Johnny Gargano (w/ Candice LaRae)

These two have really made a show of this.  I LOVED watching Candice remove Zelina from the proceedings.  Zelina is the premier cowardly heel so when Candice dived on her, she moved heaven and earth to get away.  It was fantastic!  Andrade got downright sadistic after the ladies left.  He got a hold of Johnny’s shoulder and made him pay.  They both worked really hard here.  Throughout, Johnny sold the damage to his arm brilliantly.  There were many near-pins and the crowd was all about it.  I was too.  This was one exhausting match to watch; I can’t begin to imagine how exhausting it was to work.  Lest we think they forgot about Ciampa, he showed up at the best possible time to foil Gargano’s almost-sure submission of Almas – striking him with a crutch.

The crowd really loves him so they launched into a loud chorus of “thank you, Johnny”.  That last shot of Ciampa holding the crutch and sarcastically waving was just perfect.