I’ve Crunched the Numbers and the Two of You are Nothing But A Couple of Zeros!

Charlotte & Bobby Roode vs. Nia Jax & Apollo

Charlotte and Bobby coming down the aisle with Bobby was interesting.  Bobby was fun but Charlotte couldn’t let go and just have fun with it.  She was stuck between the “heel” thing she’s no good at and herself.  It was odd.

Nia came out looking truly dangerous.  Once Apollo showed up, she became more fun.  The last thing she wanted to see is Titus Worldwide…and she sold her disdain for them beautifully.  She’s been doing it on social media for a while now and the fun continued here.  She almost cracked too but she held it together.  She went to put them into their place but Titus and Dana acted like she was just kidding.  High-larious!

Charlotte showing Bobby how to do the strut was really fun too.  When she lets go, she’s truly funny.  I just wish she’d do more of it.

The match was good for what this is.  Apollo and Roode are great workers and both looked great.  Nia and Charlotte were good too.  Dana grabbed Charlotte’s leg and I loved watching Nia take issue with it.  She showed LOADS of personality throughout – mocking everything in site and really having fun with it.  Titus was beyond fun here too.  Few have been more criminally underutilized than Titus and he showed why here.

Charlotte’s figure-four on Nia was particularly clumsy so not sure what happened there.  Her moonsault was also an over-rotated mess.  Bobby got the hot tag and made the most of it.Apollo is no slouch here and came back nicely too.  Apollo does such pretty sunset flips.  Yeah, I said a sunset flip.  Normal move in anyone else’s hands but Apollo makes it look great.  Apollo took Bobby’s Glorious DDT and that sealed it.


Interview – Bobby Roode and Charlotte

Bobby going for and whiffing the “woo!” was great.  I am DEAD.


In-ring segment – Nia and Titus Worldwide

Nia was a riot here!  She decided to get even with Titus and Dana…and she did.  She was so much fun.  She gave them several pieces of her mind and a couple of two-pieces on the way out.  Titus going hind end over tea kettle because Apollo was getting his jacket was great!  Apollo leaving both of them there with the “you upset her, I didn’t” vibe was pretty funny too.  Way to show personality, Apollo!


As I always do, I’m enjoying this series.  Next week should be fun too. See you then!