Elimination Chamber 2018

Basic Results:

Gallows & Anderson defeat Bo & Axle

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match eliminations:

1 – Mandy Rose

2- Sonya DeVille

3 – Mickie James

4 – Bayley

5 – Sasha Banks

Elimination Chamber Winner & still Raw Women’s Champion – Alexa Bliss

The Bar defeats Titus Worldwide

Asuka defeats Nia Jax – after the match, Nia beats her down in the ring, outside, through the barricade.

Matt Hardy defeats Bray Wyatt

Ronda Rousey out to mixed reaction, to the ring where Steph, Trip, and Angle are waiting.  Steph and Trip talk up RR who is really nervous on mic, and struggled a bit at first.  Angle told RR about the smack The Authority had said about her/how they are going to own her after what she did to them three years ago at WM.  It gets ugly, Angle told to leave the ring, Trip escorting Angle up the ramp as Angle tells more things that Steph and Trip said.  Trip back to the ring gets between RR and Steph. RR doesn’t even blink getting in Trip’s face and hits him with what looks similar to the Angle Slam, putting Trip through a table.  Steph screams at RR and slaps her hard across the face.  (RR’s face was bright red on that side, and a later pic shows that she’s bruising up really quickly from the slap.)  Steph realizes that she’d better get out of there before RR kills her.  RR grabs the contract and signs it.

Men’s Elimination Chamber eliminations:

1 – Miz  (Strowman)

2 – Elias  (Strowman)

3 – Cena   (Strowman)

4 – Balor   (Strowman)

5 – Rollins   (Strowman)

6 – Strowman   (Reigns)

Men’s Elimination Chamber winner & going to WM to face BL – Roman Reigns

After the match Strowman destroyed Reigns in the ring, ending with putting RR through a pod.


QD – Join us for the Raw Dignified Discussion Monday night!


Will Asuka involve herself in a Totino Pizza Roll eating contest prior to her match with Nia Jax this evening?

Is “Woken” Matt Hardy patterned after a drunken Robin Leach?

Does Elias snort Krispy Kreme’s powdered sugar just for kicks?

Will Ronda Rousey blow off signing her WWE contract signing this evening and instead join Up With People?

Will Braun Strowman become the new face of Schlitz Malt Liquor?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s “WWE Elimination Chamber”