Monday Night Raw (2/26/18)

Basic Raw Results:

Bliss and James in the ring as Bliss talks herself up, and down everyone else in their EC match the night before.  This devolves to Asuka to the ring, then Nia, followed by Bayley and Sasha.  Much fighting, which is a Six Woman Tag Match after the commercial.

Asuka & Bayley & Sasha defeat Mickie & Nia & Alexa

Cena to the ring to whine and figure out his Road to WM.  He’s going to SD tomorrow to keep working on his direction after all his failures at recent PPVs.

Bray Wyatt defeats Slater & Rhyno in a squash match

Miz to the ring with Bo and Axel in tow, talking himself up, and the fact that he’s not in the main event of WM down.  Rollins out to face Miz in the ring.

Rollins defeats Miz

Balor to the ring.  ‘Tourage beats him down.  Anderson & Gallows to the ring to protect Balor.  Angle, on the tron, throws both teams from ringside.

Balor defeats Miz

Reigns to the ring with a fake shoot on Lesnar not being at Raw, even though he was scheduled to be there.

2 Out of 3 Falls Match

Fall #1 – The Bar

Fall #2 – The Bar

Strowman defeats Elias via DQ


QD – Keep refreshing page for basic Raw results!




Does The Miz binge-watch “Little House on the Prairie”?

Is Braun Strowman a virtuoso on the Sousaphone?

Will Matt Hardy next take on the comedy gimmick, “Jokin’ Matt Hardy”?

Does Elias’ guitar amp go up to 11?

Does Corey Graves color his hair with turpentine?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”!