Reigns In Trouble For Pipebomb?

After Raw where Roman Reigns appeared to have a pipebomb moment, many fans have been cheering Reigns for being so daring and wondering how much trouble Reigns might be in.  That whole segment was scripted so any rumors about Reigns being in trouble for going off-script are nothing more than rumors.


Queen’s Decree – Backstage, we’ve discussed this and we think that because of Brock Lesnar no-showing to Raw they had to scramble and come up with something.  That something being Reigns ‘shooting’ on BL for not being there.  If Reigns had been believable in this segment, I’d understand why people would believe that he’s in trouble and while he was much better than ever on mic, he was still obviously talking himself through it before he even spoke.  Reigns is better than he was, but personally, I don’t think he wasn’t believable enough in this segment.