Our. No, Mine.

Hi, kids, it’s the Botching one again covering another edition of the “Mixed Match Challenge”.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?  There’s really no reason to give these proceedings ratings so I’ll refrain from doing it.  It’s just entertainment anyway, right?


Backstage segment – The Boss Club

Nice and quick.


Miz & Asuka (Awe-ska) vs. Finn Balor & Sasha Banks (The Boss Club)

Miz began with a short promo in the ring.  It’s always a good night when he does.  When the crowd goes to assist with his catchphrase, he gave them crap for it and it was great.

The interaction between Miz and Asuka was great throughout. They kinda played the “language barrier” thing but it was fun, not uncomfortable.  I loved watching Asuka dress Miz down too when she wanted in and he wouldn’t let her tag in.  Miz even did Sasha’s little sashay thing – perhaps a bit too well.

Of course, they kept mentioning Asuka’s streak so there was was no way Miz and she could lose.  The end was pretty inventive too.  Finn and Miz were legal but Asuka and Sasha were in there too.  Asuka had Sasha locked in to the Asuka lock and Sasha submitted.  Finn took his attention off his own submission on Miz – allowing Miz to steal it.


Backstage segment – Alexa and Braun

Short but really sweet.


Backstage segment – Naomi and Jimmy

Again, cute and quick.  They are now “Glow-ish”.  Nice.


Apparently, this episode got the lowest ratings yet for this series.  It wouldn’t surprise me if WWE just pulls the plug on it but if they do, it’d be a shame.  It’s all in good fun and we see other sides to these performers in this context so I’ve enjoyed it.