What a roller coaster of an episode! Between Cena getting pushed after losing more often than not, Ziggler taking down everyone in his path, and Shane eating popcorn, there was some greatness and some serious stupidity. This is supposed to be the best time of the year for wrestling, and yet we are seeing some of the worst Creative we’ve seen in years, and that’s saying something after the absolute crap they’ve given us the past couple years. I love wrestling but things are getting really bad in certain ways – mostly Creative.


Part-Time Brand Hopper

Cena to the ring to start the night. Of course, Shane out to talk to him. Now, I know Shane is a McMahon but it’s odd seeing Cena in the ring with someone who has been in the WWE longer than he has. Cena is such a longtime wrestler that I automatically think of him as the ‘oldest’ guy there, but in reality, by age, he’s not the oldest and not the longest in the company.  It just feels that way some days!

A match between Cena and AJ and it’s not a PPV? I’m thrilled with that and hope they get more than enough time to really put on a classic match that we know they’re good for, even with Cena’s body not being in the best of shape.

Love how the fans didn’t like Bryan saying he’s on the same page as Shane. Fans are loving the issues between them!


Ginger Dances With The Lone Wolf

Each time Sami does something, like play the bongos on Corbin’s chest, I’m reminded of how I didn’t think Sami could be a heel and how he made me eat my words with how great he’s been.

It’s strange for the WWE to have Bryan and Shane watching the match on monitor and talking about KO getting involved because he’s on announce. I have to say I really like how they did that. It’s nothing that I expected and on paper, it would sound daft but in reality, it was quite well executed. Well, I think Shane and Bryan needed to be a bit louder on mic but that’s nit-picking. I like how they’ve taken the normal watching backstage and made it into a bigger part of the show. The popcorn was a bit much but that’s Shane for you.

Seeing Ziggler come over the barricade confused me because of the angle of the camera. Once I realized it was Ziggler, I was good. Shocked that Corbin got the win but beyond that, I loved how Ziggler was all over all of them.

The continuing banter after the match was great. Further, Bryan going home to Brie and Birdie and the way Shane handled it was fantastic! Great work from both.


Shane Mocks Friendship

Shane, still with his popcorn telling KO and Sami that she doesn’t like them being late for dinner, was a great line and way to handle things here! So much greatness!


Ruby And The Riotts

I love watching Ruby work the ring. She has such passion and madd skills. I know I say it every week but she emotes better than most of the women in the Women’s Division as a whole (not just SD). Further, Sarah and Liv are getting better each week. A lot of people have been complaining that we’ve seen these six women over and over, with little variation, but I’m not yet to that point. Each match is very different and each woman is getting the chance to show off how great they are. Because of these matches, specifically this match with Ruby, I’m that much more excited to see Ruby going after Charlotte at Fastlane. I’m sure they will shake things up after WrestleMania and I think we should be thrilled to be seeing great matches like this each week.


Tupac & Biggie

This segment was so strange, and I have to say that while the Fashion Files are great, I miss seeing these two in the ring. They deserve better but I say that about a lot of the WWE superstars these days! On the other hand, the jokes in this segment were great and as Joshua said in the DD last night, they really needed X-Pac there to really round out the segment.


Spritz Me!

I love New Day. I haven’t always liked New Day but I do now. It took me quite a while to get there but now I love them. I cannot say that I need to know about Big E’s swamp ass and chafing. I know it wasn’t explicit but close enough and strange enough that I was a bit disgusted.

The Usos and New Day have such great chemistry – in ring and on mic. So much goodness there. I’m thrilled that Harper and Rowan are finally getting in the middle of the actual SD Tag Division, rather than just squashing jobbers.


Strong Style All Over Rusev Day

Okay, more like all over English but it is what it is. I really enjoyed this match. I’ve loved watching English in the ring for a long time but was annoyed that he was saddled with Gotch for so long. Even though English is not a main eventer, I really liked this match and would love to see more work between the two. Nakamura is always great and putting him in the ring with different people (something I’ve been screaming about – all superstars working with different superstars, even while feuding with others, the way things were done during the AE – one of my favorite parts of the era is that you never knew who would be facing who, and lots of distraction from those in the actual feuds), so putting him with English, who seems to be able to work with anyone, was a really smart move.


Corny Cena Is At It Again

The way Cena works the ring almost doesn’t jive with most of the superstars he’s working with these days, even though most of them are about his age! Heck, he’s only a couple months older than AJ, two years older than Nakamura, and a month older than Roode! Okay, so the rest of the guys Cena will be facing at Fastlane are in their 30s but their work has such a different feel than Cena’s. I know Cena catches crap for 5 moves of doom but when he’s in the ring with guys like AJ, his creativity goes through the roof. All that being said, Cena’s such a cornball! Looking up at the WrestleMania sign before taking the pinfall was completely cornball (Botch pointed this out), and I agree but that’s who Cena is. Like when Cena stopped on the bottom of the ramp with Nakamura and they both point to the WrestleMania sign, it was corny but worked better because this is Nakamura’s first WrestleMania. Not just his WM, but he’s in one of the main events. How amazing is THAT?

I have to touch on Ziggler really quick. I loved the way he attacked KO coming over the barricade, and how he came to help against the heels after this match, but then turned on the faces as well. This is the Ziggler I adore and have missed seeing for too long.

Final Flush

This episode of SD was a mix of good and bad, but they are moving forward toward Fastlane and WrestleMania. I cannot say that many of the storylines/feuds are very good, or at all interesting, but that’s the WWE these days.

Queen KB