Rumour Killer: Rey Mysterio Not Backstage At Smackdown Live, Not Working Wrestlemania

We hate to disappoint you guys but all the various reports about Rey Mysterio being backstage during this weeks edition of Smackdown Live and him facing John Cena at Wrestlemania are simply not true!

Rey Mysterio was backstage visiting friends at a Smackdown House show in his hometown of San Diego earlier in the week but no discussions regarding Rey signing back with WWE or working Wrestlemania took place. He was at home in San Diego during this week’s Smackdown Live telecast. However, it should be noted that Rey is expected to begin preliminary talks with WWE about a full-time return sometime after Wrestlemania 34!

Sir Mitch Says: Considering Rey is booked for New Japan’s next U.S. show that will take place two weeks before Wrestlemania as well as having bookings with Triple-A and various Independent promotions over the next three months, I’m amazed people bought into this rumor quite frankly!