You’re Not Bad Enough to Break Me

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching One with another Pickup!  Last week, Round 1 ended and this week begins Round 2.  We’ve thus far gotten great matches..


Cedric Alexander vs. TJP

Cedric cut a promo here and it was decent.  For him, “decent” is a step up and this really was.  It was also very short and less “Saved by the Bell”-y.  However, TJP definitely gave the better promo.  Okay, on to the match.  For all of their failings on the mic, they have none in the ring.  I know I keep saying it but you can pretty much guarantee you’ll see this phrase in each Pickup but Cedric is just crispy.  I clearly remember seeing him work in CWF in Charlotte and he was great there too even though he was a good bit heavier.  He was also lightning quick there.  Now that he’s just under 205, he’s managed to become even quicker.  I was also happy to see the arm stretcher again.  No one does it anymore but Cedric pulled it out and it was really nice.  TJP was really inventive too.  His odd Figure Four was very nice and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  He had a few really inventive submission moves that tell a story the way nothing on the main roster does.  When TJP got the Knee Bar on Cedric, I was afraid that would end it.  Thankfully, it didn’t.  These two worked hard.  Glad Cedric took it.  Maybe he’ll actually end up with the CW title this time.


Promo – Drake Maverick

He comes off so completely committed.  Gone is the fun of Rockstar Spud and here is the serious and driven Drake Maverick.  It works.


Promo – Mustafa Ali

Very nice promo.  Relaxed and self-assured.  It got its point across gracefully.  That’s all you can ask.


Promo – Buddy Murphy

This was quick and effective.  I also have to say how creepily Buddy resembles Sir Mitch.  It’s uncanny I tell you!


Kalisto vs. Roderick Strong

Kalisto is another one who’s just a beast.  Frightening athleticism and lightning quickness.  Strong is, well, stronger and that’s how he played this one.  Strong even went mercenary by bouncing Kalisto off of an uncleared announcers table.  It even got them a “205 Live” chant!  When’s the last time we heard that?  Both of them really hard.  I’m not a big fan of Strong but I’m okay with this, I guess.  I can’t fault the match in any way; I just find Roderick’s personality to be completely milquetoast.