WWE Raw Review - A Sovereign Statement

She’s Trust Fund Tough

Hi, kids.  This is the Botching One with another “Spot” commentary on “Monday Night Raw”.  My apologies for being very late with this but my week has been nuts and I didn’t think it’d be […]

Dignified Discussion - Live Coverage

Smackdown Live (3/27/18)

Will Dolph Ziggler become the new spokesperson for Moon Pies? Has El Generico found the secret to stretchy neoprene? Can Naomi finish a can of Spam? Is Daniel Bryan a fan of Tofurkey? Will Jimmy […]

Dignified Discussion - Live Coverage

Monday Night Raw (3/26/18)

Has Stephanie McMahon mastered “The Macarena”? Was Braun Strowman an extra in the video for “Rico Suave” Is Elias a former member of Devo? Will Asuka star in the remake of “Josie & The Pussycats”? […]