Location For Bullet Club’s “All In” Show To Be Revealed In The Next Being The Elite!

It would seem that Cody and the Young Bucks are now moving full steam ahead in regards to the 10,000 seat show they are promoting themselves on September 1st as the official Twitter account for “All In” posted this tweet late last night…

Being the Elite is the Bullet Club’s MEGA popular Youtube show (so popular that New Japan and Ring of Honor have used the show to further their storylines and announce matches) so it makes sense the location for the event to be revealed on the show.

As for all the speculation as to where the event will take place, various venues in Greater New York and California areas have been long rumored, but we think it’s more than likely the event will take place in a venue somewhere in the greater Chicago area. The obvious choice would be the Sears Centre as it has hosted Pro Wrestling events in the past. However, the brand new Wintrust Arena would also be a good choice as it would be the easier to stream an event from there than it would most older venues!

Sir Mitch Says: Some critics of the Bullet Club think staging this event is pure folly and NO ONE but Vince McMahon can fill a 10,000 seat venue for a Pro Wrestling show. However, these are the same people who think talent can’t get over, have good matches or make money anywhere else but in WWE….and yet the individuals who make up the current incarnation of Bullet Club has proven them wrong time and time again!