WWE Taking Cues From WCW

We reported that the WWE Elimination Chamber had approximately 17,000 seats available for the show, but only about 8,000 of those tickets were sold.  It appears as though the WWE is more interested in filling the seats for Fastlane than make money off it, as they are offering a buy one, get one, deal for tickets.

Buy one P1 ticket for $450, get another free.  Buy one P2 ticket for $325, get another free.  These are the floor seats with event commemorative folding chairs.


Queen’s Decree – The WWE used to make so much fun of WCW for giving tickets away, and here they are doing the same thing.  I knew things were getting bad with the WWE, but not THIS bad.  All that being said, if I was trying to choose between nosebleed seats or a deal like this, I’d pay extra for these seats.  Every WWE event I’ve attended at the Boston Garden (I know it’s not called that these days, but it will always be the Boston Garden) has been either sold out or close enough that the place looked full.  That being said, the Boston Garden is a very small arena, so it’s fairly easy to fill.  In some ways, I wish Fastlane was closer to where I live because I’d absolutely attend this show.  I wonder if the problems the WWE has filling the seats will weigh in on any possible contract Brock Lesnar might be in negotiations for.