Call Me Crazy…

Backstage…at around 10:30pm…


Sir Mitch:  Call me crazy, Dre, but I think WWE is pissy about dirt sheets ATM and are leaking a bunch of BS info to make them all look bad!
Andre:  If I worked for the WWE I’d do that all the time. Fans want unpredictability but then turnaround and read a dirt sheets so they can know what happens so that leaves Vince 2 options, run a more hush/hush operation and bleed dirtsheets dry or send dirtsheets a ton of smoke signals and run then through hurdles.  I’m definitely one who likes unpredictability. Kudos to Vince if he’s behind this.
Andre – I’ve always maintained that the Attitude Era never gets as big as it did if dirt sheets were as big back then. 70 percent of the AE were the swerves and that no one ever saw it coming. Dirtsheets kill 60 percent of that
Botch –   Couldn’t possibly agree more.
Mitchell – Maybe the Booker/Graves thing was a test run by WWE to see how far they can manipulate dirt sheets!
Botch –  It was BRILLIANT. People at that up! I LOVED that!  Take me for a ride. I have no shame. I’m totally cool with being fooled.
Andre – Interesting point.  The Lesnar stuff has been real interesting too, there’s literally 4 or 5 different accounts of what really happened with him no showing. It’s crazy
Botch –  Right? It’s hard to know what the truth is, though I’m thinking the other place likely has it right.
Andre – This convo should be added to wrestleroyalty lol
Botch – Was LITERALLY just thinking that. LOL!!
Andre – Lol
Botch – Get outta my head!…or maybe I should get outta yours…LOL!
Andre – 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
So what do you think?  Is WWE just messing with the Dirtiest of the Dirt Sheets or is there legitimately something going on?