Edwards Injured In Impact Wrestling Match

Eddie Edwards went to hospital with a broken face.  While working the ring at Impact Wrestling against Sami Callihan, a baseball bat ricocheted and hit Edwards in his right eye.  The bat was supposed to slam into a folding chair, but things didn’t go as planned, and Edwards has a broken orbital bone and a broken nose.  He’s very lucky that his eye wasn’t damaged in the mishap.  There was blood everywhere as Edwards was transported to hospital in an ambulance.

The match did air on Impact Wrestling’s broadcast last night but there are no bloody shots of Edwards.  They cut to commercial rather quickly after it happened.

Backstage Callihan was quite emotional about the whole incident and feels terrible about what happened.


Queen’s Decree – We all know that accidents happen in the ring.  There’s no way to predict how inanimate objects will move and because of that, injuries can happen.  Edwards is quite lucky that he didn’t lose his vision because of this.