Brock Lesnar Works 35-Second House Show Match, Fans In Attendance Livid

WWE made a big story about Universal champion Brock Lesnar missing this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, turning it into a game of “work or shoot?”  We still don’t know how much is reality and how much is storyline (probably a mixture of both), but they did promise that he would return for the house show he was advertised for yesterday (Mar. 3, 2018) in Chicago.

Sure enough, he was there…and worked a 35-second match against Kane:

Sir Mitch Says: This is starting to look more like storyline than reality quite frankly! If Vince’s plan is to make us hate Brock Lesnar with the whole “maximum cash for minimal effort” thing so that we wind up falling in love with Roman Reigns, he’s even more out of touch than we think.  The reality is most fans already hate Lesnar and his lack of work ethic.  All this plan will do is make both men even more hated by fans as we near closer to WrestleMania!