Alberto Del Rio In Talks?

This past week Alberto El Patron, known as Alberto Del Rio in the WWE, was in Stamford, CT.  He was there taping interviews for a project involving Rey Mysterio.  While in Stamford he reportedly spent some time talking to Vince McMahon.  This, of course, has led to rumors that they were discussing a possible return to the company.  ADR’s contract with Impact Wrestling is up next month, so timing is interesting.  It’s also interesting that normally Triple H is the one who normally meets with performers over contracts.  McMahon seems pretty interested in bringing ADR back to the WWE.


Queen’s Decree – Um, what?  This, to me, is more proof that McMahon has lost it.  There’s no reason to bring back that useless, careless guy.  I cannot call him a man because he surely doesn’t act like one!  I was VERY vocal about his previous return and he truly stunk up the ring and made a mess of everything.  The only reason to bring back ADR is for him and Mahal to destroy each other in a Hell In A Cell, empty arena, untelevised.  That is the only reason for ADR to be anywhere near a WWE ring.  By the way, this is me being nice.  I’m sure you know how I feel about a possible return of ADR, so I’m going to stop here before I get really ugly.