Bleached Blonde Failure with a Famous Last Name

What an episode of SmackDown! So much greatness…and so much horror. What a mess so close to Fastlane, and so close to WrestleMania!


Generation Argues Riott

I thought both women struggled a tiny bit here on mic, but were more solid than I thought they might be. Actually, I thought Ruby was a bit better here. She really knows herself and how to work her face and body as she’s on mic. I also think she helped Charlotte work the mic better by being so good herself. I’ve been excited about Ruby since I first saw her in the ring, but now I’m totally enamored with her. As great as Charlotte is, something about Ruby screams superstar. She amazes me. Now if I could just figure out what brand and color lipstick Ruby wears, I’d be giddy.


Again? Really?

I know I’m over Mahal, as are most of the WRC, and yet he beats Orton after bouncing Orton off Roode? That’s really, really lame. This is Randy Orton.  He’s worked the ring and beaten some of the best in the industry, but Mahal bouncing Orton off Roode once ends the match. I cannot suspend my sense of disbelief for horrid booking like this.


Happy Rusev Day

Love Rusev and Nakamura talking smack to each other!

Nakamura has a really solid vibrato! I want to hear him actually sing. Yes, he was a bit nasally, but it might have been the moment.



Okay, that wasn’t what Becky tweeted, but that’s my feeling on her. Carmella just seems to be missing something lately, and no, I don’t mean Ellsworth! I cannot say what it is, but she’s been lacking serious interest lately. Though I have to say that I love her blonder hair and extensions. They look great on her.


Hair Flying Match!

Right after I give Carmella a compliment I turn around and rip on her. Those nylons on her are a horrible color. I know that nothing moves when she’s wearing them, and that’s the point of them, but the color is so bad that it makes me think of Ruth Buzzy on Laugh In. Only old ladies wear tights that thick, and of that color.

After all that complaining, I have to say that this match was rather solid and much of it was Carmella. There were a few tiny issues, but I saw them because I’m always looking for them. Becky looked great out there and I love how she reverses into her finishing submission.


Showing Her Heel, And Claws

Nattie really has gone all heel with these leather/PVC ruffles! Further, I think Nattie has more cat ears than I had when I was going through my cat ears phase – well before Nattie or that Ariana Grande knew about them. I wore cat ears for about five years, starting well over thirteen years ago. Guess that makes me a trendsetter! Anyway, I give Nattie huge props for really stepping up her gear and looking the heel, even though she’s not wonderful at it – though she is getting better.


Scripting So Works – Sometimes

I have admitted this numerous times, but I have to mention it again because it really does surprise me. AJ only needed an actual script all those years struggling on mic in TNA. If they only wrote it out for him, AJ would have been known as a great talker as well as one of the best in the ring for many years, and might have ended up in the WWE quite a bit earlier. I know, if wishes were horses the poor man would ride. It’s just sad to know what might have been.


Go-Home, Sorta

This match being moved to earlier in the show screams that there will be a DQ and a tag match of some sort as the main event. The only question is who will cause the DQ? (Decided to leave this bit in, which I typed as this match came back from commercial.) It’s so obvious that it won’t end clean!

Part of this match would have been great for the Royal Rumble Match. AJ and Ziggler working over the top rope, then onto the apron felt like something the WWE would do on the go-home to the Royal Rumble, not the go-home to Fastlane. That being said, this match has been great! It’s not a top notch PPV match, but it’s a really solid main event match between two guys who can really go in the ring and know how to entertain the fans!


And It’s Not Teddy Long!

I have to admit that I loved how Shane did this. We all expected him to “Long” the main event, that he didn’t was great – except that we got yet another Fatal Five Way Match out of it. What is it with the WWE and these Fatal Five Way Matches? It’s getting ridiculous! That being said, Shane is so adorable. I swear he gets sexier as he ages, but Steph does too. I guess good genetics.


Hijinks Happen

I don’t like that this was a Fatal Five Way, but I love what went down in the match! This was a good match all the way around, but there was so much talent in there that they would have had to be blindfolded for it to not be good. All that being said, I love the swerve at the end! Sami is amazing, and that was a shocker through and through. Between Sami taking the win from his bestie, and the rant he had after the match – superb!


Final Flush

Some of this episode worked really well, the rest just blew. It started well, and it ended well, but much in the middle not so much. It’s only two hours, but they keep screwing up big chunks of the show. I wonder if the writers are getting lazy again – which is bull this time of the year. Throwing together almost the whole PPV in the go-home is so not cool, and shows how little they care. Whoever is in charge of writing and booking SD needs to be slapped around a bit, no matter how long it’s been since he was in the ring, and no matter what he says on Twitter about how little fans understand wrestling. The thing is, if we didn’t understand what’s going on, we wouldn’t be watching it, and we surely wouldn’t be writing about it the way we do. I’m really starting to think that he’s been drinking McMahon’s Kool-Aid too long!

Queen KB