Former 205 Live Star Has Decided to Retire

Rich Swann, who was just recently cut from “205 Live” has apparently decided to work the indie dates he has booked thus far and call it a day:

He went a little bit into what he thinks of WWE here:

He also left this rather interesting tweet:

This may be a reference to Nick Gage – an indie worker who plead guilty to robbing a bank back in 2010 and got five years for it.  Yet, he was able to get bookings quite easily and Swann has had significantly more trouble in that regard.


Botch Take:  Of course, we are living in the #MeToo era so things will be more difficult than they were.  #MeToo is often quite justified but in this case, it’s hard to say.  One would think that if the charges were dismissed and all is well, he should be quite hirable.  That he isn’t may very well be the reason why he’s calling it a day.  Real shame, too, in that he’s incredibly talented and far more charismatic than he was allowed to show us in WWE.