I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Titles

I know that many people were not happy with the lack of build or creativity for this PPV and I was one of them, but somehow the WWE pulled this one out and gave us a stronger B-level PPV than we have seen in a year. Further, I don’t think any of us expected big changes within the Championship matches so it felt like a nothing PPV. Then, something beautiful happened.  Many  storylines grew and evolved through the matches and they set up a lot for WrestleMania. This PPV was so much greater than any of us expected – I think.


Kick-Off Throw Up

Okay, I didn’t mean the match was throw up, but that it was thrown up at the last moment.  Then I thought about it and it really is throw up. It makes me want to throw up that Breezango has been so maligned by McMahon. They had a great thing going, and going really well, giving them TV time, so McMahon pulled it off TV and put it on YouTube. Now, I love my local boy Fandango but I never think of checking out FF on YouTube. It’s just not a place I watch a lot. I will say that adding Tye and Mojo in this match makes it a bit different but it’s still throwing together a Kick Off match that could have been built toward if the WWE actually did their job creatively!


Dueling Chants

This was one match I didn’t want to pick a winner for because I didn’t want to see anyone lose this match. Both of these guys need to continue to be pushed, and hopefully to the top. Both will be great WWE Champions when they get the chance. The problem is that this close to WrestleMania, it’s hard to watch either of these guys lose this match. That being said, this match was fantastic and made both of these guys look really strong. Each pin attempt felt real and we weren’t sure who might win this. Rarely is a loss good for someone (Road Dogg, you are WRONG about this) but this was good for Rusev because of how hard they worked together to make each other look that much better out there. I’m hoping we see a WWE Championship feud between these two after WrestleMania because this match was such a tantalizing treat.


Poor Baby Didn’t Get Time Off

Orton is such a whiny little git sometimes but he works really well with Roode. It did have a very strong feel to the match and I think that’s because Roode reminds me so much of Trip and has since I first saw him. I feel like a broken record saying that but it’s so true, and this match further confirmed that.

Mahal out to the ring pissed me off to no end – especially since he had no business being out there, but that he took a glorious DDT made me feel a bit better. Then, the glorious DDT to Orton.  Hopefully, this means we are getting our heel Roode who will completely take over SD after WM! (fingers crossed)


Backstage Besties

So Sami was talking about Fastlane and not SmackDown for laying down for KO? I smell something and it’s rather fishy!


Botching Beauties

Okay, so it was mostly Naomi and Nattie who botched together. There were many noticeable issues in this match and they were all between Naomi and Nattie. No clue why they were so off in the ring together but the problems were obvious and numerous. I’d have easily given this match a three, or three and a half, if not for the mess those two made of things.


Tag Team Bludgeoning

This match was kinda amazing, before the Bludgeon Bros got involved. I was wondering why it was Kofi and Woods in the ring, and not Big E, but it worked really well for what they did. Woods sold injuries greatly on the stairs. Actually, they all sold well, bodies strewn all over the ringside area.  While I was thrilled that they were involved in the bludgeoning of the match, I was so enjoying the technical work in the ring before Rowan and Harper came out.


She Really Is That Dang Good

Wow, some of the moves in this match were new and creative. Then again, some of the simpler moves, like Charlotte’s high knee, just looked better because of who was in the ring with Charlotte. I know we talk about how great many of these superstars are.  It seems as though Ruby is a step above many of them. She’s right there with Charlotte, Bliss, Banks, and Asuka. Ruby is a unique force in the ring and I love to watch her move. She’s so creative, hard-working, and so expressive in the ring. I know some people thought she might be green but that’s the farthest from the truth. If she stays healthy (something I say about all wrestlers), she could lead the Women’s Division for years to come.

I love that the ref threw out all four extra women from ringside. Not thrilled with Liv’s screeching about it but thrilled the ref got rid of all of them. I love when refs don’t throw out just the faces but the heels as well. That refs are creatively written to miss the bad stuff heels do always bothers me.


Nobody Is Ready For Asuka

I’ve been wanting Asuka to go after Charlotte since she won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match and there, she did it. I hope this means Nia Jax will face Alexa Bliss at WrestleMania. I loved how Asuka matched her breathing to Charlotte’s in the ring and it looked great! I also love that they never touched each other but got so much across to the fans. Further, I cannot wait to see Asuka on SD. It’s a great way to keep Ronda and Asuka away from each other for a while.


6 Pack Of Stories

I know a lot of people were not thrilled with this match for a multitude of reasons but they really put together some great storylines in this match. Cena’s work and how he reacted to things showed just how out of control over his career, his body, and his work at WrestleMania really are. He sold it beautifully.

Then there’s the work between Sami and KO which was such a roller coaster through the whole match. Then there’s Sami and KO against Shane and that was more great work. This match could have scored a five on the character work alone, on the wrestling work alone, or how hard the majority of them worked. The problem is that certain workers were not needed and seemed out of place in this match. Personally, I thought Corbin was the most out of place, followed by Cena, but at least Cena had a huge storyline and ring psychology. Ziggler, again, showed great work even though he was also out of place in this match.

No clue what the plan is for most of the guys in this match but if they continue with the greatness they showed in this match, their WrestleMania work will be amazing!


Final Glow

So many great moments, great work, even great creative. Now only time will tell if this carries through to WrestleMania. Fingers crossed.

Queen KB