Monday Night Raw (3/12/18)

Basic Raw results:


Angle starts the show.  Reigns out, pissed.  Reigns backstage and in VKM’s face.

Reigns leaves, suspended.

Sasha defeats Sonya

Miz TV with Rollins & Balor.

All tag teams out to attack The Bar before their match with The ‘Tourage started

Cena delivers an epic promo and then challenged Taker to a match at WM.

Balor defeats Rollins

Asuka & Bliss promo segment in ring.

Asuka defeats Mickie

Backstage Bliss loves on Nia Jax.

Jax defeats Jobber

On the tron, Mickie and Bliss talking backstage, ripping Nia apart.  They are told that everything they said was aired, so they flee.  Nia cries on the ramp, but then hulks up and goes after them, destroying the locker room.

Strowman wins Tag Team Battle Royal   Strowman will face The Bar for the Tag Team Championship at WM


QD – I hope you enjoyed my coverage of Raw!


Sunny days, everybody loves them, but tell me, baby, can Alexa Bliss stand the rain?

Does Asuka work hard for the money so you better treat her right?

Does Ronda Rousey hate herself for loving you?

Suddenly, does life have new meaning to Brock Lesnar?

Can Roman Reigns walk like an Egyptian?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”!