Undertaker vs Cena

Now that Fastlane is behind us, and Cena has lost yet another opportunity to headline WrestleMania, the big rumor is that he is going to face Undertaker at the Grandest Show. I’ll provide some insight here, as well as why I think this is both a good and bad move by WWE if true.

WWE has been wanting to do a high caliber PPV singles match between Undertaker and Cena for several years, going back to Cena’s debut on Smackdown in 2002. Following last year’s Mania, the initial plan was to have Undertaker vs Cena at this year’s show as a farewell match. This may have even been in the works long before Mania as well as both performers have wanted this match. Of course, this match was 100% conditional on Undertaker’s health and willingness to do it.

Why should WWE do this match? Both performers are beyond their prime with Undertaker being banged up at 52 years-old and Cena starting a family at 40. Both can still put on high caliber matches that draw the attention from the fans and drive ticket sales but you can clearly see the ring rust getting to Undertaker in his past few matches. If both performers are truly done in the ring, let them have their final match at Mania and dazzle us one last time. Neither has to go over to advance their careers and stock as they have done it all. There is literally nothing left on the table to do for both following this match. Should this happen, I expect to see the American Bad Ass and not Deadman persona as he left that at Mania 33. Cena is also one of the safest to be in the ring with and wouldn’t jeopardize Undertaker’s health.

Why shouldn’t WWE do this match? Look at the pool of up and coming talent from NXT and those that have moved up the past year. Why not give one of them the match against Undertaker to massively push their career and stock in the company? I won’t go into naming anyone specific as there is plenty to pick from but if done right, unlike last year, it could provide a major boost for the performer. Another name that comes to mind is Sting. For literally decades, fans have wanted to see Sting vs Undertaker. If Undertaker is going to put his body on the line on last time, have it be against Sting. Both are in the same spot physically and in their career. Unfortunately, this match will never happen due to Sting being completely done in the ring due to the injuries suffered from the Rollins match.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share in the comments! Thanks!