I Earned It!

I finally feel as though they are starting to get serious about WrestleMania, sorta. If this wasn’t WrestleMania season, I’d say things were going really well on SmackDown, but it is WrestleMania season and they just are not. It seems as though there’s a major issue backstage, with Creative, and McMahon, and I don’t know what the disconnect it, but they need to fix it before things get any worse.


The Face & The Smile

AJ on mic is something of beauty. He works a script so well. Then, there’s Nakamura who is great in all he does – even if his English isn’t great. Nakamura, like Asuka, emote in such a beautiful way that they could say almost anything and the fans would love them. They both are just so expressive from their tippy-tippies that I almost cannot fault anything they do. So much greatness in that ring between Nakamura and AJ!


Not Rusev’s Day

That Rusev hasn’t been pushed so much further than he has is a travesty. His work with AJ in this match further shows that Rusev has what it takes to be a top superstar. So much greatness in that man and in that ring. All four men involved in this match are wonderful. They are finally really building toward WrestleMania, and this match really pushed the storyline further, making all four involved look great.


They Came Together

I love that Big E and Jimmy came together to take on the Bludgeon Bros. They were great in this backstage segment, showing such emotion for their friends and family who were injured at Fastlane. This was a lot of fun to see.


The Bludgeoning

I was not expecting much from this match other than pushing the storyline and they did just that. I loved how Jimmy and Big E attacked Harper and Rowan before they could even get their coats off. I love seeing Big E working the ring with someone other than New Day. I’m not saying I’m ready for it to end, just that change can be good.


Go Dancing Heel, Go

I loves me some Sami Zayn! Many of us didn’t think he’d heel up well, but he is doing more than well, he’s downright fantastic! I’m giddy at the turn Sami has taken and how he’s embraced it. Sami should hold the WWE or Universal Champion within the next year. He is downright amazing, and as I’m writing this I have an idea. Okay, pipedream, but still. Anyway, in TNA, EY always looked like the best of faces.  No one I knew really thought he could be heel until he was the leader of The World Elite. I didn’t think EY would be able to be a nasty heel, but there he was. Now, I don’t expect EY to be a top guy in the WWE, but I’m interested in seeing what could happen between EY and Sami in a feud, or a faction.


Flair Queen & Empress of Tomorrow

I love both of these women. I know I wasn’t big on Charlotte as a heel, but as a face, she’s amazing. I do wish Asuka could talk without screaming, other than her catchphrase, but it is what it is. This segment was short, sweet, and to the point, even if not as strong as someone like Bliss could have done, it was a magical moment. This match could end WrestleMania and I don’t think anyone (who really matters) would complain about it. This is a whole new level of work for women in wrestling, and main eventing WrestleMania would be the perfect place for these two amazing women to show the world that they are the best in the industry. I’m giddy for this match, and one of my top three going into WM this year.


Glorious Out Of Nowhere!

Orton has finally grown on mic, and really gets over with the fans these days, but he doesn’t have the mad skills of Roode. Roode might be facing Orton at WrestleMania for the US Championship, but I’m hoping he will be facing for the WWE or Universal Championship next year at WrestleMania because he’s more than ready, and deserving. It will be glorious.


Delusions Of Relevance

Why the heck would Mahal defeat Roode? I’m truly disgusted by this. Roode deserves better than this, by far. I’m not going on the same rant I’ve been giving almost every week about Mahal, just want to say that this is total crap!


Fabulous Glow

If Carmella’s ring gear gets any smaller on the bottom she’s going to have to transfer to the Divas Era. It’s getting a bit risque for how the WWE has been presenting women these days. I know she’s wearing thick tights, but I still think that outfit could go very wrong very quickly if it gets any narrower down there.

This match was solid, if not wonderful. I will say that Naomi didn’t botch like she and Nattie did at Fastlane, but this match wasn’t anything big to write home about.


Time Off Via Powerbomb

I’ve almost always enjoyed Shane’s work in the WWE. He’s confident on mic, lays it all out there, and he’s more than competent in the ring, so even though he’s a McMahon, I see no reason he shouldn’t be competing at WrestleMania. That being said, he took quite the beating from Sami and KO. I never like it when they use chairs around the neck, it’s something that bothers me as much if not more than some of those suicide dives out of the ring. On the other hand, I love how they dragged him up the ramp and out. I didn’t like that powerbomb onto the uneven metal. I love backstage segments, but that one didn’t feel terribly safe to me. That being said, Shane can sell beautifully! That wailing is still haunting me, the next day. I’m guessing Sami vs KO will not happen, as Shane stated, at WrestleMania.


Final Flush

Again another solid show. Not the best SmackDown, but better than a lot we’ve seen recently. Starting and ending the show the way they did bracket it well, I just wish a few segments/matches in the middle were better than they actually were, especially where Mahal is concerned.

Queen KB