A Booking Session

We were engaged in the most wonderful conversation with a private news informant.  In the process of feeding us some enlightening developments, the conversation unexpectedly went elsewhere.  Peer in, won’t you?


Deep Rose – See, I have an idea for Orton.

Botch – He’s not believable as a face because he can’t come off as a nice guy.

Kendra – ??

Botch – Okay…

Kendra – No, but he can be anti-hero.

Botch – He’s just been so “meh” lately.

Deep Rose – Because it is time to go full circle with the older stars. He started as The Legend Killer, now it’s time for him to become the Killer Legend.

Botch – YES! Preserve his spot!

Botch – My spot is mine…and to keep it, I’ll extinguish you if I have to

Deep Rose – Basically, let him keep the US title, and for a stable of new NXT guys. He is taking them and using them as his personal hit men, grooming them like Evolution did for him.

Botch – That kinda thing

Deep Rose – Yes Botch!  As weird as this sounds, make the first feud New Day.  And bring it back to how he “Extinguished” Kofi’s chances early on to ever break the glass ceiling.

Botch – “Kofi wanted more…and I decided he couldn’t have it…so I made him go away”. If I want you to go away, you will…I promise”.

Deep Rose – And lead it to New Day’s breakup, with Big E turning on them and aligning with Orton.  Bring back The 5 Count!

Deep Rose – Just like with Cena…

Botch – “Do you really want to spend your whole career being tied to guys who can’t make it on their own?…or do you want to be a Force for Evisceration”?

Kendra – Amazing!

Deep Rose – I want to take him back to RA Cena a bit.  Make his phrase “You Want Some, Come Get Some” central to his character.  “I’m the hallmark of this place, and NOBODY has the drive to knock me off my perch!”.  And the thing is… I know who I’d have come out and be the “Cena” to his “Angle”.  And you guys will think I’m crazy.

Kendra – Well, we know that and love you anyway.

Deep Rose – Johnny Gargano.

Botch – YES!!!!

Kendra – Huh? Why?  Not up on NXT.

Botch – Gargano is the ultimate face!  He has so much heart!

Kendra – Gotcha

Botch – People were crying in the aisles when he left NXT.  I TOTALLY see that!

Deep Rose – Because we can twist this as well. “I may not be the most aggressive guy on the roster, but I’m damn sure a better wrestler than you, and I have the heart to prove it.”

Botch – There’s a very Daniel Bryan thing about him.

Deep Rose – Make a guy look like he can out passion Cena.

Botch – He could!

Deep Rose – And in the match, let’s say at SummerSlam, it goes 30 minutes. Gargano takes 4 AAs, and still is kicking out or barely getting the ropes, including a SUPER AA. And Cena looks desperate, locks in the STF, Gargano struggles, gets nearly to the rope, Cena pulls it back, and Johnny Wrestling passes out in the hold, refusing to tap.

Botch – Yeah! A la Bob backlund in the Camel Clutch!… times 10.  Skaaland threw in the towel and it made Backlund look like a beast. We HATED Sheik for making him pass out!

Deep Rose – The next SD, Cena comes out and does his spiel again, and Gargano comes out to say, “I’m still here John. You never beat me. Let’s go again.


….and so it ended and our Deep Rose disappeared once again into the shadows…