Even More Information on the Renaming of the Women’s Battle Royal

WWE didn’t decide to drop Fabulous Moolah’s name from the Battle Royal all by itself. Snickers was actually quite influential in that decision. Many complained directly to Snickers (Mars, Inc). Here’s their response:

We were recently made aware of the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc’s (WWE) decision to honor a former wrestler during the upcoming WrestleMania 34 event. As a principle-based business that has long championed creating inclusive environments that encourage and empower everyone to reach their full potential, this is unacceptable. We are engaging with the WWE to express our disappointment.”

When the decision was made, they responded thusly:

“We are very pleased that WWE has decided to proceed with the name ‘WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.’”

Snickers (owned by Mars, Inc.) is an important sponsor and WWE can’t afford to ruffle those feathers.

It should also note that workers have been deleting “Moolah”-centric tweets as well.  One by Dakota Kai and one from Becky Lynch are now nowhere to be found and others have disappeared as well.


Botch Take:  This just gets funnier and funnier.  So…WWE didn’t drop the name on their own; Snickers made them do it.  Doesn’t exactly say great things about WWE does it.  They only dropped the name when a sponsor called them out on it.  Whatever, really.  I’m just glad the name was dropped.  It really shouldn’t even have been entertained.

I do wonder about the trophy that they’ve likely commissioned for this.  How are they gonna work around that?