“Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal” Gets a Name Change

Because of the tremendous backlash resulting using Fabulous Moolah to brand the women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania, the WWE has backtracked and decided to simply name it “WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal”.  You can see Mitch’s article for previous developments that lead to this name change.


Botch Take:  Well, I honestly didn’t think this would happen.  See?  When our voices are loud enough, WWE listens.  When news of this Battle Royal came on Monday evening, I was nauseated.  Moolah was in no way a pioneer, beacon of light for the women who came up behind her, or anything like that.  She was a train wreck of a human being who took advantage of every woman she ever trained.  I’m grateful to say that I wasn’t among a small group who knew this.  The reaction on Twitter was swift, sudden, and unmistakable.  If you choose to Google her, you’ll find all kinds of unsavory information about the machinations she put some very talented women through.  The tale of Sweet Brown Sugar is particularly cringe-inducing.  

I’m so glad WWE realized the PR nightmare on their hands and changed course.  I’d be happier if they’d have named it the “Chyna Memorial Battle Royal” or even the “Sensational Sherri Martel Battle Royal”.  Still, as long as Moolah’s name is off of it, I’m happy.  I have little doubt that they knew of Moolah’s past; they just didn’t think so much of the WWE universe knew it.  They now know we do, we spoke up, and they’re acting.  That’s how that’s supposed to work.