WWE Trying To Change The Narrative After Moolah Battle Royal Criticism

History is strange in the respect that it can be changed if you’re the one telling the story. This is the way WWE likes it, and apparently, they want to make sure that people don’t poke holes in their narrative.

When The Fabulous Moolah was honored as the namesake for the upcoming female battle royal at WrestleMania 34 a lot of people found this choice at the least very interesting while others found it appalling.

For decades there have been accusations thrown at the late Hall Of Famer for holding down, abusing and exploiting other Women in the industry. These accusations have come from both her peers and her former students. Many of said accusations are so abhorrent that we can’t write about them for a variety of reasons!

Therefore, when WWE posted the highlight video of Fabulous Moolah they produced, they soon found out that the comments section on the video was wrought with dissenting opinions. So to solve their problem, it seems WWE’s official YouTube page simply disabled comments for the video.

Several Current Female WWE Superstars also found themselves copping a lot of flak from their followers after they tweeted from their WWE monitored accounts about how they apparently saw Moolah as a trailblazer for Women in the industry and how much of an honor competing in a match named after her will be.  However, many of those Tweets have since been deleted. Most likely due to a lot of fans learning of the accusations against Moolah after reading all the heated replies.

Deleting Tweets and Disabling Comments to Videos might help stop some people from seeing the truth about what Moolah apparently did in her lifetime, but it’s more likely to cause people to spread the word with even more gusto!

Sir Mitch Says: Normally, I just laugh at WWE’s occasional but blatant attempts to revise history to suit their narrative. But on this occasion…I am absolutely disgusted!