Brian Christopher Lawler Hospitalized

Brian Christopher Lawler, better known as Grand Master Sexay from the WWE in the late 90s, has been hospitalized due to a fight.  Last month he was violently attacked by Jonathan Clark, know by the name Chase Stevens in TNA. They were sharing a hotel room, where the incident took place. Brian needed surgery after a number of facial bones and teeth were broken. The only actual witness was Clark’s girlfriend who claimed that Brian was drunk and had been hitting on her earlier in the night, further that Clark was only trying to calm Brian down.

“Officers then made contact with Stevens in his hotel room who told police Lawler had caused them problems at nightclubs hours earlier and refused to go to sleep on the floor of the hotel room.

According to the report: “Lawler said he was attacked for no reason but he was very confused. The physician reported that Lawler had several broken bones in his face, broken teeth and that surgery was required. Officers were told that a trauma team had been activated after Lawler’s injuries had been evaluated. Lawler was intoxicated on alcohol and admitted he is on several prescription drugs. Lawler told me that he absolutely wanted to pursue charges against Clark.”

Queen’s Decree – What a mess! We all know that Brian Christopher has been a mess for a lot of years, but it seems as though he’s not cleaned up his life at all. It’s so sad that he’s made such a mess of his life.