Ode to a Vince Obsession in F-minor

To the tune of “Let it Go” from the 2013 Disney movie, “Frozen”.  Original music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

The Big Dog stands inside the ring tonight, He’s related to the Rock
He will be here every night, unlike that part-timer Brock
Let’s push him again, this will work, I have a hunch
He has the Spear and the Superman Punch.

Nobody kicks out of those moves
Roman wins again, Vince McMahon approves.
He will get cheered, It will work now
Don’t ask me how

Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns
Let’s get him cheered, one more try
Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns
I know they will love this guy
I don’t care, If they’re cheering for Finn
Can’t the crowd get this, at Wrestlemania, Reigns has to win

You cheered him in the Shield, when he was with Seth and Dean
Why doesn’t the crowd cheer him now, he will always win clean

The fans may say “not Reigns, again”
When, there’s the Monster Among Men
Who’s better to cheer than Strowman?

Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns
Why do you chant for Rusev Day
Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns
Listen to what I say
The Big Dog is here to stay
So love him today

At Wrestlemania 31, Seth cashed-in
At Wrestlemania 34, it’s Reigns turn to win
He has defeated Triple H and Undertaker
There’s one thing left to do, Reigns has to beat Lesnar

Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns
Next Universal Champion
Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns
I know he is the one
Here he’ll stand with the belt today
Let the crowd boo on, Brock is going to be gone anyway