Maryse’s Newest Job

I honestly couldn’t decide if this should be news, or not, so I decided to go with a more relaxed approach and post a DQ so I could get all my feelings out.

I have a confession to make, I read It’s a guilty pleasure of mine that I’ve done privately for years. I don’t read the magazine and surely wouldn’t pay for what I read there.  Also, their typos are astoundingly horrific but sometimes I stumble upon something that touches me. Well, let me back up and say that normally when they post about the WWE is a bloody mess and usually, they post kayfabe as news, but they’re not “in the know” as the rest of us are.

While there I found another WWE listing on the site, and clicked on it while I rolled my eyes, but it brought me such feels that I decided to write about it.  People regularly has pregnant and new mothers blogs for the site and it’s a place that I have been able to follow up with actresses I’ve not seen in years.  Seeing how these women have grown and changed always gave me feels, but Maryse?  I’ve not liked her from word “go”.  Something about her, that first moment I saw her on the Diva Search, I had an instant dislike for her.

I cannot tell you why but I think we all have met or seen someone who just roughed up our last nerves.  I know it’s not the accent because I grew up in a very French Canadian area, and personally that accent feels like home.  When Kevin Owens gets overly excited and his accent gets thicker, I smile that much more but when Maryse talks, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.  As a result, she’d always bothered me but the first televised show I attended, she was ringside, bending over, in a very short skirt with almost nothing on underneath.  This was the 900th Raw, so it was well past when that kind of thing was what people tuned in for.  This was PG Era but there, she was flashing the group of tween boys in the front rows everything she had going on under there.  The camera only saw her front leaning over the apron but the boys saw everything going on under there.  It was at that point that I was pretty much done with her.

Since Maryse and Miz got married and are so obviously so happy, I’ve tried to back off from my negative feelings toward her but it wasn’t working until they announced their pregnancy.  They look so happy and it’s so obvious that they are going to be great parents.  The thought of Miz being the father to a baby girl makes me grin.  I’m sitting here now as I write this smiling like a goof.  I was coming around and then I found that Maryse is writing a Baby Blog for People.  I read what she had to say about how she thought she’d relax through her pregnancy but that she’s done more his year than ever.  She talked about how they’re moving to Texas, and how scared she is when she realizes that she’s going to be a mother.  For the first time, Maryse came off as honest and endearing.  She finally seems down to earth and very human.  After all these years I’m changing my feelings for Maryse and all it took was me reading my guilty pleasure:


Queen KB