Rey Mysterio Signs With A Start-Up Promotion

Well, this one came out of the blue! Rey Mysterio has struck a deal to join the new Aro Lucha promotion as a co-owner and performer.

For those unaware, Aro Lucha is a start-up company based in Nashville, Tennesee founded by unknown promoter Jason Brown. The promotion has started a crowdfunding campaign to bankroll its first shows and to give fans a chance to own minority stakes in the company.

Behind the scenes, the promotion will be booked by Mysterio’s best friend Konnan along with Shane “Hurricane” Helms and (according to some reports) Vince Russo!

Mysterio released this statement regarding Aro Lucha:

“I think what we are doing with Aro Lucha being fan-owned is revolutionary.” “We are giving the fans something they have never had before, a voice and a chance to get in on the action.”

What all this means for talks between Mysterio and WWE that were reportedly set to begin after Wrestlemania we can’t say for sure, but it’s hard to believe WWE’s higher-ups would be thrilled to hear this news!


Sir Mitch Says: This is very surprising! Mysterio is quite possibly walking away from lucrative offers from not just WWE but NJPW as well to not only Wrestle for but invest in a start-up promotion.  Now, while the concept of Aro Lucha is definitely interesting…it feels like a bit of a gamble on Rey’s part, especially if Vince Russo might be involved behind the scenes!