Daniel Bryan Will Undergo Medical Testing After Every Match

Daniel Bryan has been cleared by the WWE‘s doctors and was back to taking bumps on Smackdown, but there is more to the story than Bryan’s moving speech and solid work with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.  WWE has decreed that he will submit to medical testing after each match.  Until the WWE is completely comfortable with Bryan’s health, he will be submitting to impact and neurological testing after every match or when he’s taken any bumps.


Queen’s Decree – What a week it has been!  Bryan being back in the ring is a great thing, but also something that really worries a lot of us.  As long as Bryan is healthy enough to work the ring, I’m all for it, and obviously, the WWE is covering their bums, and Bryan’s bum, while they are at it.  This is very smart on the part of Dr. Maroon, the WWE, and Bryan.  I wish they did the same thing with Kurt Angle and anyone else who might be at risk.  Fingers crossed that Bryan will have a healthy and safe career back in the ring.