Rey Mysterio Off Strong Style Evolved, Conflicting Reports On Injury And Contract Status

Rey Mysterio is no longer advertised to face Jushin “Thunder” Liger at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s upcoming Strong Style Evolved show in Long Beach, California this weekend and will be replaced by Will Ospreay!  New Japan made the announcement yesterday on their English website along with announcing the full match card for the event.

Along with the news of Rey being taken off the show, there are multiple conflicting reports regarding his recent bicep injury and rumoured WWE talks. Some outlets are reporting that Rey has a torn bicep tendon and is flying to Alabama to be evaluated by Dr James Andrews to either prep for surgery or to just get the all clear so WWE can sign him to a new deal.

Meanwhile, there are also conflicting reports on Rey’s recent deal to join the start-up promotion Aro Lucha. Some outlets claiming that he has not bought a stake in the promotion (as I myself previously reported) and is just signed as a wrestler while others are reporting he hasn’t signed a deal with them at all!

Now if you are confused by all of this (and we can’t blame you if you are), here is what we here at Wrestle Royalty can 100% confirm and what we cannot 100% confirm.

100% Confirmed:

1. Rey’s Injury is only a grade one bicep tendon strain (basically a badly pulled bicep), and he does not require surgery.

2. Rey has signed a deal with Aro Lucha to perform as a Wrestler and has bought a stake in the promotion.

3. Rey has not begun contract negotiations with WWE beyond a brief discussion with Triple H at The Royal Rumble. Neither party has sat down to seriously discuss a contract at any time in the last two months.

Not 100% Confirmed:

1. We are unable to confirm or deny Rey is travelling to Alabama to see Dr Andrews. But he did travel there two weeks ago to have his arm injury diagnosed so it would make sense that he’s going back for a checkup. The injury is also probably the reason why he was pulled from Strong Style Evolved.

2. While Rey has bought a stake in Aro Lucha, it is unknown exactly how much of a stake he bought! However, we have heard it is only a small minority share of the company.

3. As full details of Rey’s contract with Aro Lucha are currently unknown, we can’t rule out Rey signing deals with WWE or NJPW in the future. However, the fact Rey is now part owner of another promotion looking to be a national entity would probably not sit very well with WWE’s higher-ups! NJPW higher-ups, on the other hand, would not have any issue with it at all!


Sir Mitch Says: It sucks that we won’t get to see Rey vs Liger one last time. Guess we will just have to settle for watching their countless classic matches from WCW on the WWE Network!