Rey Mysterio Says He Will Wrestle In New Japan Once He’s Healthy!

During NJPW’s Strong Style Evolved show, Rey Mysterio made an appearance before the Jyshion “Thunder” Liger vs Will Ospreay match and cut a promo apologising for not being to work the show (he was originally scheduled to Wrestle Liger but was forced to pull out due to injury). He then promised that he would Wrestle Liger in New Japan in the future when he is healthy as it’s on his bucket list.

After the Match, Ospreay challenged Rey to a match to take place whenever Rey was healthy before Marty Scurll attacked Ospreay from behind. Rey tried to intercede. Scurll then proceded to attack and unmask Rey potentially setting up another future match!

Sir Mitch Says: Looks like Rey may still work for NJPW yet!