WWE TV Deal With Fox Looking More Likely

It’s no secret that FOX is interested in picking up WWE and now chances have seemingly increased for a deal to happen.

Reportedly there is a lot of talk going around that UFC television negotiations are not going well. UFC hoped to have a deal locked up by the end of December but that hasn’t happened, and there are no signs pointing to a deal being done anytime soon. FOX made an offer to UFC, but now it looks like FOX is more interested in WWE because they can get WWE for similar money and WWE delivers higher ratings. UFC had hoped to get a deal locked in by December but nothing has been signed, and there is nothing indicating that a deal is close to being done.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there was a reason why WWE made such a big push to sign Ronda Rousey, all you need to do is look at the TV negotiations. Her signing is helping WWE get a TON of mainstream coverage from places that don’t usually cover Pro Wrestling, and they can sell themselves to a network like FOX with the idea being that they would get Rousey on their network every week.

If WWE moves to FOX, then it likely means that the show would be cut down to 2 hours since FOX local affiliates air local programming (Like News Broadcasts at 10 pm). Smackdown Live would probably move to FS1 (Although we’ve heard higher-ups and FOX want two cancel Smackdown and have two separate hour-long WWE shows on FS1 during the week instead).

A move to the FOX Network would likely mean a viewership increase for Raw. In theory, that should help them with other aspects of their business that have been up and down or outright lagging in recent years (ticket sales, merchandise, WWE Network, etc).

Sir Mitch Says; While WWE moving to FOX seems like a good idea on paper, there is no guarantee that switching from Cable/Satellite to Broadcast TV  will result in higher viewership!