Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities

This has been the wildest week for everyone in my family, which is why I’m so far behind on everything. That being said, I’m going to get this posted so it’s not a minute later than it needs to be, though I do want to wish everyone (who celebrates) a Happy Easter.



I loves me some Bobby Roode, but he so needs to be heel. The addition of Rusev to this match was great, but Mahal was still in the match, and still in the WM match, so not much has really gotten better in that regard.

Roode’s clothesline off the top looked so lame! Roode is so much better than how contrived the clothesline from the top looked. Actually, the best of this was Orton taking out Roode and Rusev getting the three here. So much good and so much crap in that ring, all at the same time!

Lastly, how many sets of commercials can they put into the opening of SD? That was ridiculous!


Slapping Around Mahal!

Mahal will get Rusev front row tickets for WrestleMania? During the match, in the Dignified Discussion, we all discussed Rusev being in this match. I’d rather it just be Roode versus Rusev because Mahal needs to go away, and Orton needs a personality transplant – again!


At Your Best

Yes, AJ vs Nakamura is a dream match, especially for the strap, especially at WrestleMania, but the little push it’s been getting has me worried. It’s the dream match (or one of them) for WrestleMania, yet they spend so much time on Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns! No sense at all, none!


Riott Lynching

Becky getting the three here was great, but not as great as the work between her and Ruby. This was a really solid match, but not a stellar one. Sarah and Liv helped out the way they should and tried to attack Becky after the match was over.


Bryan Bends, Doesn’t Break, But Cracks A Bit

Bryan is the master of the mic. This man who couldn’t talk in ROH, struggled on mic when he came into the WWE, but now he’s one of the best talkers in the company. I love this man and have loved watching him grow and evolve as a wrestler and as a human being. That single guy who looked like an accountant in maroon trunks when he came into the WWE is now the most over guy on the roster, and one of the best talkers.


Team Angle 2.0

They were actually pretty good on mic here. The words on the screen are horrible, and should be left with the MMC! That being said, I will show off my thing from Shelton Benjamin in my Royal Inquisition segment, ‘Merch of the Week!’


It’s A New…Point To The WM Sign

I get the pointing at the WM sign, it’s a thing, but it’s such a cliché these days. To be honest, I don’t think anyone can point at the sign the way Taker did when Trip challenged him to another WrestleMania match a number of years back. Taker didn’t have to say a word, he just pointed. I hope that we get more than that from Taker on Raw next week!


Bludgeoning Clubs

I so want one of those hammers to lean outside the front of my medieval tent at events. Beyond that, I love that the Usos got involved here. New Day wasn’t thrilled, but I think it will take the five of them to take out the Bludgeon Bros. They are building the SmackDown Tag Division going into WrestleMania, and I love it.


Fashion Foibles

No clue why Ziggler faced Breeze here. It was short and didn’t really do much for anyone. All three deserve better than this nothing match and Fandango getting superkicked outside the ring.


You’re Too Emotional

I thought Nakamura and Benjamin gave quite a solid main event to the fans. I would never have thought of putting the two of them in the ring together, but it was wonderful. Their styles are so different, but it worked so well in the ring, even better with AJ outside the ring. The mic work from Nakamura was epic! He’s getting better on mic, very obviously.


Final Flush

What a blah episode of SmackDown. Okay, it wasn’t completely blah, there were some great moments, but everything in-between was not at all exciting. Honestly, what sticks in my mind are Bryan’s speech and the final moments of the show with Nakamura on mic. Fingers crossed that the next SmackDown will be epic, because this close to WrestleMania, we need an EPIC go-home from both Raw and SD.

Queen KB