Monday Night Raw (4/2/18)

Raw Short Results:


Angle & Ronda, Steph & Trip in a Q&A led by Coach.  In the end they fight, Steph puts Ronda through a table.

Bayley defeats Sonya  –  Mandy & Sonya attack Bayley.  Sasha out to even the score.  Sasha demands Bayley raise her hand for saving her.  Sasha grabs Bayley’s face, so Bayley takes Sasha down.  Sonya and Mandy attack both in the ring.

Rollins defeats Balor  –  Amazing match while Miz gushes about his daughter on announce.

Braun announces that his tag team partner will be his brother, Brains.  Braun comes out in an oxford shirt without sleeves and fake glasses then beats up The Bar.

Matt Hardy defeats Goldust

Alexa and Mickie go all mean girls backstage with words popping up on the screen

John Cena tries to call out the Undertaker.  It doesn’t work.

Elias out to rag on the crowd.

Elias defeats Heath Slater

Braun puts Curt Hawkins through a wall when Curt asks to be his tag team partner

Nia does an interview with Renee Young and calls out Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss & Mickie James defeat Asuka & Dana Brooke

Brock got the upper hand in final segment featuring Heyman, Brock, and Roman.


Keep refreshing!


Does Ronda Rousey know the words to every New Kids on the Block song?

Will Alexa Bliss ever be able to finish a full box of Cheeseburger Macaroni?

Can Jonathan Coachman watch an episode of “Punky Brewster” without crying?

Did Elias once audition to play the glockenspiel with Guns N’ Roses?

Will Paul Heyman ever regrow his ponytail?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”