Rusev Asked For Release!

While things have appeared to be going much better for Rusev lately as the fans are loving him and he’s selling merch in a huge way, he asked for his release from his contract.  The WWE countered by putting him in the US Title Match at WrestleMania, making it a Fatal Four Way between Rusev, Roode, Mahal, and Orton (c).



Queen’s Decree – I feel horrible for Rusev as he’s so over,  but not being treated like a superstar who is over the way he is.  Rusev has been getting the Ziggler treatment, and he’s so much better than that.  I hope the WWE figures out how much they truly are screwing with specific superstars.  This is why we lost Sandow, and why guys like Balor, Wyatt, and Ziggler are struggling week to week.