We Fight with Pride and Honor

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One here with another edition of “The Pickup”.  We’re finally going to find out who the new Cruiserweight Champion is at WrestleMania.  The match will be on the pre-show so be sure you tune in early so that you don’t miss it.  This match may very well steal the night!  Let’s dig into to Tuesday night’s episode, shall we?


Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik vs. Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa

Of course, there is no fault to find with the ring work in matches like this.  All four of them can work their faces off and they did here.  My issue is what’s happened to all four of their personalities.  They have very little left.  Akira, in particular, had always been a lot of fun and now he’s bordering on boring.  Itami works very “heel” so I’m assuming that’s what he’s supposed to be.  Reality has intruded horribly so that’s a very good thing.  Lince and Metalik are fun luchadores.

This match broken down completely and the rivalry should intensify now.  It would appear that Tozawa is turning full-on heel as well.  Their attack on Dorado and Metalik looked pretty good so we’ll see where it goes.


Backstage segment – Drew Gulak & Mark Andrews

This was really good.  He even got a little “Powerpoint Presentation” thing in.  This aggressive Gulak is one I really like.  Mark wasn’t bad either.  He stated his case and did so confidently.  That said, Drew as clearly better here.


Tony Nese vs. Jonathan Pierce

Tony Nese does absolutely nothing for me and never has.  His gimmick is completely boring and while he works well, that’s really not enough to make him noticeable among all the great workers in “205 Live”.  Jonathan Pierce runs the Indies as Fry Daddy and he’s always incredible to watch.  Look him up!  You won’t be disappointed.  Of course, here, he’s here to lose.  He actually did fairly well here.  Hopefully, WWE was “giving him a look” and it can lead to more for him.  His climb to the top rope was rather slow and he was likely covering for Nese being a little too slow on the uptake, though I couldn’t really see anything.


Backstage segment – Kalisto & Mitch Adams (er…Buddy Murphy)

Murphy was all bluster here but he did it well.  He’s great in the ring so I’m interested to see the match for sure.


Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto

The level of speed here made it difficult to keep track of this match.  These guys just don’t quit and I loved it!  Not only were they fast, they were merciless!  Murphy’s suplex on to Kalisto on the corner of the edge the ring looks nasty!    Buddy’s monkeyflipping of Kalisto on to the commentators’ table was almost equally vicious.  This really was one heck of a match.  It got loud “205 Live” chants too!  Murphy took it so it appears they’re pushing him.  Not a bad choice at all!


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick

This promo was golden!  Drake’s passion was absolutely contagious.  He sold all of WrestleMania but, of course, paid special attention to Alexander/Ali.


Cinéma de WrestleMania match

WWE always does these things well and this was no exception.  Both of these guys did hard time on the Indies before getting to the WWE and when they finally got there, they made the most of it.  It’s pretty interesting to note that their PPV debut will be…at WrestleMania!  Both sold the “big fight” feel of this quite well.


And so it ends.  The next time you read “The Pickup”, we’ll actually have a Cruiserweight Champion!  Finally!  See you all right here next week on “The Pickup”!