Brock Lesnar Likely Returning to MMA after Sunday

In a move that will surprise nobody, Brock has apparently worked out a deal to return to MMA after WrestleMania.  The deal is allegedly in place; he just has finalize it.  Here’s the tweet many are referencing:

Based on the rumors going around, this may not spell the end for Paul Heyman though.  He may very well stick around to manage either Roman Reigns or, get this…Ronda Rousey!  We’ll stay on top of this part of the story as we learn more.


Botch Take:  Paul and Ronda.  I can SO see that!  Paul would have ZERO trouble selling Ronda as the legitimately tough woman she is.  Roman?  Not so much.  Paul could likely make it work but I just don’t see a compelling reason for the union.