Luscious Johnny Valiant – Dead at Age 71

The Luscious One – Johnny Valiant passed away earlier today after running onto the road and being hit by a pickup truck.

A representative for the Ross Township police department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania confirmed that he was hit early Wednesday morning and passed away from his injuries later in the day at the hospital.

He began as a competitor but most in the modern day will remember him as a manager.  He managed such stars in the WWF as Brutus Beefcake, Hulk Hogan, Demolition, and Greg Valentine.  Of course, we at Wrestle Royalty send our condolences out to his family.


Botch Take:  I remember him very well in the WWF.  He had a mouth on him and he was just instantly hate-able.  All the best ones could generate hate with just a look on their faces and Valiant was one of those.