Willow to Appear at Wrestlemania?

Very late last night, Jeff Hardy added the following photo to his Instagram account from Wrestlemania:

~~~~<<<<W I L L O W>>>>~~~~

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Jeff has been out of action since being injured during the six pack challenge on September 18th, 2017, and subsequently underwent surgery. Jeff made the following announcement this past Friday from the HOF Red Carpet in response to his return to the ring:

“I’m cleared to wrestle, so I’m just waiting for the appropriate idea to get started.” – Jeff Hardy

Does this mean we will see the Charismatic Enigma tonight? We will have to wait to see, but signs appear to be pointing in that direction!

Jester’s Jest: As a fan, I hope this is a positive sign of Willow or Brother Nero appearing tonight! With the bad publicity surrounding Jeff at the moment, he needs something positive.