Brock Lesnar Backstage Fight

This time of the year is famous for rumors coming out of the WWE.  Tensions are running high, there are more questions than answers but no matter how upset you might be, getting into an altercation with your boss, one that verged on getting physical, is a whole other level of problems.  The rumor going around is that Brock Lesnar was unhappy heading backstage after his match and that he got into a verbal altercation with Vince McMahon and that the Universal Championship belt might have been thrown – whether at a wall or McMahon – we cannot say.


Queen’s Decree – This might actually be completely true, or completely false, or something in-between.  Personally I was shocked that BL retained the strap last night, and wonder if that was actually the plan for the match.  Many of us figured that BL must have signed a new contract with the WWE to win the match at WM, but I have to wonder if he swerved in his own right.  I’ve not been at all shy about my feelings toward BL, and how I hope he leaves the WWE sooner than later.  If BL took the match into his own hands, then it’s absolutely time he leave the WWE for good, because every wrestler should be able to work the ring with someone they trust, and BL continues to prove that he’s not a trustworthy individual on so many levels.