Jarrius “JJ” Robertson’s Day at Wrestlemania

Friday night, during the WWE Hall of Fame, we all fell in love with one person: Jarrius “JJ” Robertson. For those unfamiliar, JJ was this years recipient of the Warrior Award. He was the recipient due to having a rare liver disease, biliary atresia. He has undergone two liver transplants in his short 15 year life and continues to have complications to this day. However, this does not stop him from enjoying his life.

During Wrestlemania, he was joined backstage by getting to meet three of his favorite superstars: Michelle McCool, John Cena, & The Undertaker. This all happened when he sent a tweet to McCool on Friday asking to meet up with her Sunday, which garnered the following response at 8:31pm Sunday:

Following JJ coming out on stage with the rest of this years Hall of Famers, he tweeted the following pictures that he got to take backstage:

This is sure to be one night JJ will never forget! If you would like to follow JJ and learn how you can help him, you can go to his Twitter at the following link: http://www.twitter.com/jarrius

Jester’s Jest: This young man has an incredible story, from which, we can all take a lesson. Despite all that has happened, he continues to live life to the fullest. I hope JJ can get the care he needs and live a long life.