Speculating Brock Lesnar Contract Status

The following is pure speculation and opinion about where Brock Lesnar is contract wise and the direction he may go. As of this writing, we don’t know the terms or existence of a new contract between Lesnar and WWE and/or UFC. The only thing we know for certain is the his old contract expired with WWE at 11:59pm EST on April 8th, 2018. We can possibly assume a contract is in place due to his win and retention of the Universal Championship.

There are rumors floating around that Brock has signed either 1 dual contract between both WWE & UFC or 2 seperate concurrent contracts between the same. If this had been even just 1 year ago, I would have never believed those rumors for the simple fact Vince said himself that he would never permit it. But now with things apparently smoothed over between WWE & UFC, anything is possible. We do know that Brock still has just over 6 months of his suspension to serve upon reentering the USADA pool in UFC. This would mean the likely earliest we could see him in the Octagon again would be mid to late October. Having the WWE portion in place would allow Lesnar to fight in WWE while allowing those 6 months to pass.

So where does Brock go from here? Rumor has him facing off against Bobby Lashley, but his contract has yet to be confirmed with WWE as well. I think this could be a great rivalry in the making, as both are heavyweights that can demonstrate extreme physical skill in the ring. There is also history here between the two, as they have stated previously that they want to face each other in UFC. Lashley is a trained MMA fighter, so that is possibly something that could happen. I am thinking this could happen following a build up in WWE, then culminate in the Octagon in a joint WWE/UFC venture. Whatever direction it goes, it could be a great feud.

Let’s assume there is no contract, where does WWE go from here? Obviously, they have to vacate the Universal Championship tonight. But why would they leave the belt on Brock with no contract? There are a few things I can think of for this reason:

1) Negotiating Power – By leaving the strap on Brock, it partially leaves the ball in Brock’s court to accept a deal by showing Vince is willing to leave the Title on him.

2) Prove A Point – This could just be another example of Vince showing off his power again by screwing Reigns after what he said about Brock being Vince’s boy.

3) Unplanned – Brock was supposed to drop the Title to Reigns, but he refused to do so and walked out with it in hand.

Out of those 3 scenarios, I would be led to believe in either option 1 or 2, but more so 2 because it would get Vince involved in a feud with Roman Reigns. Again, it’s speculation, but looking at options and theories here.

After reading this, what are your thoughts? What direction would you like to see WWE take with Lesnar and the Title? If any information comes out regarding this situation, the crew here at Wrestle Royalty will be sure to let you know!