Smackdown Live!

SD Results:

Shane out to announce the new SD GM.  Shockingly, it’s Paige!

Usos defeat New Day   to earn Tag Team Championship rematch

Naomi defeated Nattie

Interview with Nakamura backstage about the attack on AJ.  Suddenly he doesn’t speak English.

Charlotte to the ring, basically asking who’s next?  Out comes Iconic Duo and they verbally trash her before physically destroying Charlotte.

Carmella Cashes In after Peyton and Billie leave Charlotte in a heap.  Carmella defeats Charlotte to become new SD Women’s Champion

Orton defeats Roode & Rusev to become #1 contender to US Championship

Backstage AJ dismisses Nakamura’s comments from earlier.

AJ vs Bryan ends with Nakamura attacking AJ, leaving him in a heap as Nakamura walks up the ramp smiling


QD – I hope you enjoyed SD, and don’t forget to check out my reactions in The Royal Flush on Wed!


Will Naomi acquire glow in the dark caps for her teeth?

Does Shane McMahon prefer Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese to Kraft?

Do The Usos condition once or twice a week?

Will Harper’s home be featured in “Better Homes & Gardens”?

Has Charley Caruso’s search for the perfect eye shadow finally ended?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Smackdown Live!”