Your NEW Smackdown GM

Tonight on Smackdown! Live, Daniel Bryan handed in his resignation as General Manager since he was returning to the active roster. Shane McMahon would come out to announce a new GM that took many by surprise.

After her speech last night, many of us at Wrestle Royalty thought for sure that Paige was stepping away from WWE for a while. Well, tonight, we were certainly in for a shock as she came in as the new GM! What would her first order of business be? She decided to announce a match for tonight between AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan!

What does this mean for the future of Paige? What does this mean for the future of Smackdown? If her leadership role in Absolution revealed anything, I believe she will make an incredible GM with authority! Only time will tell, but I think I speak for most of the WWE Universe when I say we are glad to see Paige back on WWE television!