Pop/Rock Dimwit

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching one here for another edition of “The Pickup”.  For the first time in a very long time, we now have an actual Cruiserweight Champion!  As expected by virtually everyone, Cedric took the title at WrestleMania, beating the incredible Mustafa Ali.  Kendra already gave her thoughts on the two of them at WrestleMania in “The Afterglow” and I completely disagree with them.  I thought they put on one heck of a show that night.  Cedric is the best in-ring worker out there right now (IMHO) and he showed that to everyone at Mania.  Mustafa is pretty incredible himself and that came across.  They worked that ring like pros and we got one heck of a match with very compelling near-finishes that finally culminated in Cedric finally taking the title.  I was so happy for him when he finally got it.  My only quibble with the match is that they deserved more time.  It wasn’t a quickie match but I would have liked a longer match, personally.

We also have a new permanent fixture on “205 Live” – this one on the commentary team:  Percy Watson.  Can’t say I expected that.  He’s not improving at the rate that Corey Graves is (few would) but he’s okay, I guess.  He was good here tonight though.  Problem is he’s only ever “good”.  I keep waiting for more from him and I haven’t gotten it yet.


Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa

He seems to have learned to cut a decent promo and that’s what we got just before the match.  Akira was a bit less successful, though it definitely wasn’t awful.  Of course, the match was excellent as these two can’t have a match that’s less than compelling.  Akira’s capoeira kicks are just beautiful to look at and few do the Spanish Fly better than Kalisto.  Towards the end of the match, Tozawa ratcheted up the viciousness and the announce table was involved.  Good stuff.  Salina del Sol has been finishing people off for a long time and it got Tozawa here too.   Very nice match!


Backstage segment – Mark Andrews & Tony Nese

Tony Nese has consistently been completely boring and he was here too.  Mark Andrews didn’t say anything.  Wish Tony hadn’t either.  Awful stuff.


Drew Gulak vs. Mark Andrews

Drew’s robe is great.  He trolled the crowd with the PowerPoint presentation schtick…and it did it well.  He’s really good on the mic and he showed it here.

Okay, on to the match.  Andrews is lighting quick in there.  Gulak can more than keep up too so this was fun.  The action was furious throughout – Mark with the speed and Tony with the strength.  Few do a corkscrew better than Mark.  I also really like Drew’s “Gu-Lock”.  It looks vicious!  When Gulak went back for the hold and wouldn’t release, Tony Nese came out for the save.  It appears they’re trying to turn Nese face here.  He was less than compelling as a heel so maybe this is the way to go.  I doubt it but maybe.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick, Jack Gallagher, & Brian Kendrick

It’s so nice to see Brian Kendrick back!  Kendrick was on the shelf for a long time due to Hideo Itami’s recklessness (recklessness that’s not new to Itami) and it took a while for him to come back from it.  He’ll be teaming with Gallagher and I love the idea of that.  Both Gallagher and Kendrick have a metric ton of charisma and they’re both fun to watch in there.


In-ring segment – Drake Maverick, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, & Buddy Murphy

He’s just so good.  Drake’s so full of passion in there and picking him as the “205 Live” general manager was absolutely the right move.  I’m also incredibly pleased that Cedric is finally the Cruiserweight champ.  He got good response out there too!  He didn’t say much before Mustafa came out but that’s as it should have been.

Buddy’s music played but he didn’t come down on the ramp.  He came in from behind them, botched his finisher, and heeled nicely.  When they did the replay, they removed the botch which was a nice thing for them to do.  Buddy is a heck of a worker so when they meet, it’ll definitely be fun.  Now, we know who’s next.

I was hoping they’d make a bigger deal out of Cedric finally getting the title.  Really, they should have.  We hadn’t had a champ since Enzo and Cedric had been waiting in the wings to take the title for far longer.  It should have been a far more momentous occasion than it was made to be here.