Jericho To Replace Rusev In Casket Match

The WWE has just announced on Twitter that Chris Jericho will be replacing Rusev in the Casket Match against Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.

That is not where the story ends! It turns out that Rusev was interviewed by TMZ and and stated a few thing that rubbed Michelle McCool the wrong way.

It was after all this that the Casket Match was changed to Jericho.

Queen’s Decree – I know that backstage has been a roller coaster for Rusev lately. Since he got over with ‘Rusev Day’ he’s expected more, but had to threaten to quit to be added to the US Championship Match at WrestleMania! You would think that he would know to shut his yap in the media, but obviously he doesn’t. Maybe he was just trying to push the Casket Match, but he really over-stepped his bounds saying he’ll retire Taker’s old ass. If he was looking to stick around in the WWE, this is not the best way to do it.